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Fanaka means success.   

We empower your business for social media success.

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What We Do

Social Media Strategy

We empower your business with key knowledge understand and build an effective strategy to maximize social media presence through our one on one sessions.

Your Data

We help you learn how your social strategy is performing and how your business can improve social strategy to successfully connect with your customers through our one on one sessions.

Social Media

Join us for a one-on-one or a group Zoom workshop and learn how your brand can start maximizing your social media strategy.

Fanaka is here to take your social media to a higher level.

Fanaka understands the need for creatives & small businesses to succeed. We are your source for gaining social media empowerment to better connect with your customers.


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Empower Your Social Media Success

Discover how Fanaka can help your business achieve social media success. Book your one on one session.

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